National Spatial Strategy.

Advisory Group Oman National Spatial Strategy

Projekt Beschreibung

The Oman National Spatial Strategy (ONSS) Project is preparing a land use framework for development at the national and regional levels, incorporating regional strategies for all Governorates and policies for the implementation of the ONSS based on the goals of Oman Vision 2020. Over the course of the project new planning institutions and the Oman Planning Information System is developed, and capacity is built across all relevant tiers and agencies. The ultimate purpose of the Oman National Spatial Strategy, along with other government initiatives, is sustainable and balanced development in all respects: society, economy, environment, culture, and governance, through the optimum use of human and natural resources.
As advisory group SPRINT assesses the progress of the project and gives advice to the Supreme Council for Planning concerning the quality and feasibility of set-up, proceedings and contents of the project.

Projekt Details

  • Kunde Supreme Council for Planning, Sultanat Oman
  • Datum 1. Juni 2010
  • Tags Integrierte Ansätze in der räumlichen Entwicklung, Moderation und Prozessbegleitung, Raumentwicklungsstrategien national und international

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